Tranquil Garden has been live since July, 2017 and in a short period of time has collected a sizeable number of posts.

So where should you start reading?

Gardening doesn’t have to be the difficult, hard chore that you might think it is. Start by reading my post Top 6 Gardening Excuses Debunked if you are hesitant and not sure if you want to even start gardening.

Need more motivation and reasons to start? Read my post on How to make your Garden into a Tranquil Retreat for all Five Senses and How Gardening can Improve your Family’s Health

Need some more information from the leading experts on gardening? Check out my Book and Resources page for book reviews and links to purchase the books through Amazon. I am working on my own eBooks as well, some of which I plan to release next year.

Start small. It may just be one container with a simple vegetable to grow such as lettuce, a cucumber plant or even a tomato plant. Or all three in a bigger container so you can make a tasty salad like this one I made one morning to take to work.


Plant a fruit tree or two. They need time to grow to set their first fruit so best to get started early. In the meantime if you want fresh fruit or don’t have much space for trees, plant some berries. My post on The Value of Having an Orchard will give you some ideas of what kind of fruit you can grow in the average urban backyard.

Clean up a small section of your garden. Get rid of any garbage, mow the lawn (if you have any), do some weeding, put down some mulch and plant some flowers or bushes.

Have problems making progress in your garden? Again my post on How to start Making Progress in your Garden will give you some ideas and motivation.

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