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My Favourite Gardening Books

Here are my favourite gardening books of the many gardening books that I own. These are resources that I have found invaluable and feel comfortable recommending them to you to purchase and add to your gardening bookshelf.

In my opinion, nothing beats sitting down with a gardening book and a nice hot beverage in winter when the weather is not great to go outside and garden. In summer I substitute that with sitting in my garden amid the flowers and plants, sipping on a cold beverage and enjoying some quiet relaxing time with a gardening book.



This book busts the myth that you cannot grow vegetables in winter other than in mild climates.



This book is a week-by-week guide to how to grow organically.



This book is a month-by-month format of how to grow your own food.


THE YEAR-ROUND Solar Greenhouse

This book is a comprehensive guide to building an energy efficient greenhouse.

jamie at home - Cook Your Way to the Good Life by Jamie Oliver - This book is a combination of a recipe book and a vegetable gardening book. Each chapter introduces a food and then contains some recipes. The last page of each chapter then has a page or two where Jamie explains how he grows the food or purchases it (such as lamb or wild game). He also provides a list of his favourite vegetable varieties, seed suppliers and useful websites at the back of the book. This is my go-to book for recipes, especially his pizza crust recipe and shortcrust pie crust recipe. The recipes contain some additional info, not just the ingredients and steps. Photos show Jamie in his garden harvesting vegetables and preparing them for cooking.

jamie at home

This book is a recipe book with vegetable gardening advice by one of the worlds most famous chefs.

Japanese Gardens In A Weekend

Japanese Gardens In A Weekend

This book covers projects that add Japanese features to your outdoor space.