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The Best Time To Weed Your Garden

Weeds, weeds, weeds. Anyone with a garden hates dealing with them. They choke out other plants and make your garden look untidy. Is there a best time to weed your garden when it is less work and more effective? Read on for the answer.



How To Avoid Allergy Attacks When In Your Garden

You can’t avoid it. You know you need to go out into the garden to make some progress, especially after getting inspiration from this blog. But everytime you step out the door, you start sneezing, coughing, your nose runs and you feel awful. How can you avoid allergy attacks so that you can still enjoy your garden? (more…)


How To Use Row Covers To Improve Your Crops

Have you had issues with your food crops being eaten by insects and other pests? Do your crops fail due to a late frost? You need to do everything you can to protect your crops, especially just after planting transplants or direct seeding. Row covers are the answer to these problems and more.


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7 Essential Tips to Build Long-lasting Garden Structures

Are you planning on building a wooden garden structure such as raised beds, a pergola or a fence? Considering the time and effort and money it takes, wouldn’t you want to build long-lasting garden structures?

So how can you ensure that they don’t rot away in a few years after being exposed to winter storms and summer heat?



Upgrade Landscape Lighting: How To Save Money using LEDs

Looking for a simple and inexpensive way to upgrade landscape lighting?

Do you have low voltage landscape lighting still using old incandescent bulbs? Are you tired of replacing those bulbs regularly as they burn out? Do you want to save money on your electrical bill?

You could change them to special LED bulbs made for this type of lighting.

Those bulbs though are expensive and hard to find.

Here is an alternative that uses a roll of readily available, inexpensive LED strip light to upgrade landscape lighting to save money and provide better light.


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