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Looking for Simple Ways to Create the Most Perfect Tranquil Garden Retreat?

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What is Tranquil Garden?

Tranquil Garden is a gardening blog that’s all about showing you simple ways to create a tranquil garden retreat in your own garden. You will find inspiration, motivation, tips and techniques to improve your garden one simple step at a time. Without getting overwhelmed.

Hi, I’m Marc and I am the blogger and founder of Tranquil Garden. I am passionate about gardening, not only growing food for my family, but also working towards my own tranquil garden. You can learn more about me on the About page including my journey from a beginner gardener to where I am at now.

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My goal is to help you along your path of getting out of the rut of having a garden that is merely adequate and convert it slowly into a place you desire to hang out in. I will provide you with inspiration and that gentle push to get started making progress and stop procrastinating.

And along the way you will learn some practical techniques that you can use to improve your garden one step at a time.

Interested in learning more? Check out my Start Here page for more info on what resources you can find on the blog.

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katsura cleanup

Free Fall Garden Preparation Checklist

The leaves are starting to turn orange and red and are falling. The days are cooler and nights are getting cold. It is fall in the Northern Hemisphere and time to start putting the garden to bed for winter. You need a Fall Garden Preparation Checklist - subscribe to the Tranquil ...
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1000 words: Freshly Baked Goods with Apples

We had to use up some of our less than pristine apples and decided to do some baking as it was a rainy day. The smell of baked apples and cinnamon/nutmeg in the kitchen and rest of house was amazing! ...
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Garlic in bag

1000 words: Planting Garlic

Fall is the time of year to plant garlic. I’ve planted mine in various raised beds as it is supposed to help deter some pests ...
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Rotate compost

5 Steps to Rotate your Compost Efficiently

A compost is a great way to recycle your used plants and leaves. After a diet of lots of browns and greens it will have generated some black gold for you to use in your garden. So how do you deal with the compost that is generated and how do ...
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One sweet

1000 words: Sweets (sweet potatoes)

This year for the first time I attempted growing sweet potatoes (or sweets for short) ...
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Raised bed

How Gardening can Improve your Family’s Health

Gardening, especially growing your own food, has many benefits that can positively impact both your family’s physical and mental health ...
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