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Hi, I'm Marc. I believe everyone can improve their outdoor space, whether it be a large garden, small townhouse space or just a tiny patio or balcony.

Whether you are just looking for some inspiration to get started, need some practical advice on planning and growing your own food, or need advice on keeping your garden well maintained, Tranquil Garden is your source for easy to follow advice and guidance.

For more About Tranquil Garden and my gardening journey visit the About page.

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I need help with:

Inspiration for a Tranquil Garden


Get inspiration and motivation to get out into your garden and make some progress

planning thumb


Get planning to have an overall vision of your garden and save time and money

Growing a Tranquil Garden


Get information on how to plant flowers, vegetables and fruit and harvest them

maintenance thumb


Keep your garden in top shape without spending every weekend hard at work

Constructing a Tranquil Garden


Get ideas, plans and construction tips for building garden structures that last

Enjoying a Tranquil Garden


Sit back, relax with a drink and enjoy all that your tranquil garden has to offer

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