Quick Tip: Weed when Wet

This is the first post of what I’ll call a Quick Tip – a short post covering something that I find helps to save time or effort or both when working in the garden.

I find weeding to be a bit of a chore, something I have to do, not want to do. So anything that can make weeding quicker and easier is a plus.

I try and weed just after a rain or after watering. The ground is softer and the weeds for the most part come out very easily. They might just need a quick loosening with a cultivator, trowel or hoe.

Brassica bed


I did that with this bed last Sunday just after a full day of rain on Saturday (the first real rain that we had in over two months!) It is a dirty job when you have to deal with wet soil but dirt does wash off!



Do you try and do weeding as well after a rain or watering? Do you find it much easier? Leave a comment below to share your weeding experiences.

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