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Our peaches have been ripening like crazy during this hot weather (25-30 C). So today was the third time to setup the orchard ladder and pick the ones that were soft enough.

In addition to the orchard ladder I used a bucket and a simple hook to hang it from the ladder. My wife was on hand to empty the bucket when it got full and take the photos of course.

The peaches we stored in the fridge and some were peeled, halved and pitted and put on baking sheets and put in the freezer. Once frozen we’ll put them in bags in our chest freezer. These will taste especially good in the middle of winter in some hot oatmeal. Can’t wait!

I also plan to bake a peach pie tomorrow. Recipe will be in my newsletter tomorrow morning.

Lots more peaches on the tree so I’ll be climbing that ladder many more times.

Tip: don’t leave the ladder standing next to the tree as it will allow raccoons and other critters easy access to the tree!

Orchard Ladder

Orchard ladder


Orchard Ladder

Pail of Peaches

Peach Harvest

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