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I just completed the major steps of my greenhouse roof renovation and I’m happy on how it turned out. I had roof leaks when it rained that needed to be addressed (too much moisture in a greenhouse causes mildew)

So I had to remove each roof rafter and re-cut the ends and then reattach. I used some 1×6 cedar boards to seal where the polycarbonate roof panels meet each rafter. I found two rafters that were bowed so had to replace them with new 2×4’s. And I reattached the roof vent windows so that hopefully they won’t leak. Now waiting for rain to see if what I did worked.

I still need to do something on the bottom edge of the roof to finish it – have some ideas but just need the time to do it since I can only work on the roof in the morning as it gets too hot in the afternoon sun. I also found one automatic vent opener that isn’t working so I’ll likely have to replace it before next summer.





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