1000 words: Sweet Potatoes

This year for the first time I attempted growing sweet potatoes (or sweets for short).

I received two plants from a friend in early June and put together a tower to try and maximize yield in a small space. Using one of my storage bins, some clear plastic and a roll of hardware cloth I put together a bin. I knew that the vines would grow a lot but still shocked how they took over!

I also made some cuttings and potted them up for next year’s crop – hopefully that works.

And I checked today the top layer of soil in the tower and found one Sweet – could be bigger so I’ll try waiting a bit longer but am worried about the weather getting cooler. Hope to get a decent harvest!

Sweet potato tower
Sweet potato tower


Sweet potato cuttings
Sweet potato cuttings in the greenhouse


One sweet
The first sweet harvested!

Quick Tip: Weed when Wet

This is the first post of what I’ll call a Quick Tip – a short post covering something that I find helps to save time or effort or both when working in the garden.

I find weeding to be a bit of a chore, something I have to do, not want to do. So anything that can make weeding quicker and easier is a plus.

I try and weed just after a rain or after watering. The ground is softer and the weeds for the most part come out very easily. They might just need a quick loosening with a cultivator, trowel or hoe.

Brassica bed


I did that with this bed last Sunday just after a full day of rain on Saturday (the first real rain that we had in over two months!) It is a dirty job when you have to deal with wet soil but dirt does wash off!



Do you try and do weeding as well after a rain or watering? Do you find it much easier? Leave a comment below to share your weeding experiences.

How to do a Garden Maintenance Walk-through

Garden path
My path through the garden

Do you find sometimes that you miss something that needs to be done in your yard or garden because you don’t get a chance to visit all the areas? I find that happens often with my yard and garden and some critical tasks don’t get done. For me it is important to regularly do a walk-through of my garden to see what I may have missed during my less comprehensive visits to the garden.

In this post I’ll go through some tips on how you too can do a successful walk-through.

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How to make your Garden into a Tranquil Retreat for all Five Senses

This blog is called Tranquil Garden so it is about time for me to post some info on how you can make your garden and yard more tranquil for all of the five senses – sound, smell, sight, taste and touch. If you are into growing your own food like I do, you may find that all of your focus is on making your garden produce. However your garden can also be a refuge from the stresses of everyday life.

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